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    Conservative kitty airbourn and shitty
    Spare tomorrow the paw in time pity
    Slowing down the cellphe chase to himhops frozen stateless
    Fizzin it da dah dah dah sippin it foe the go
    Imaginary imbecilic rage of sense filled poison ing the laugh for the batter unabashed
    Of influencing bords on porches on fumes of stolen gas
    The future ahhh a pair of dice thrown deep within the ass
    Rebalous wall of humping bodies in the past god this is my unicorn
    God this is my savior
    The city i created total desolation is a young pair of gambles (pair of dice)
    The worlds worse hiphop artist has arrived
    Remember what Ronald dared the children
    Just say no said he and i say
    He was americas hero! At this point i can ignore the corporeal masturbation call and turn in for a horrific slumber shhhh. Thanks for time kitty hungry we’ll find him and teach him later