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  • @enazosuh do you enjoy dumpster diving in math dumpsters that count inner backyard secrets and tame them in the light of day when you rummage. How many automobiles i accuse my heart of looking into after the influence of these two distracting light scatterers true admiration speed and profound lust took the role of colorer and is destroying the…[Read more]

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    The future ahhh a…[Read more]

  • I repeat the soul of disscouragement
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    Sits your enthusiasm like a log being humped by henry miller in a dream where his cat starves to death am i loosing us? Why observe this? What beauty overthrew the meaning that makes our world all the worse or better. I want me clean more than everything i need to rest in my…[Read more]

  • @ehycyjy The tool of garbage city full of loosers is the emelioration of shame and envy. I have one friend just one that i have in my life my poor wretched lifeline waiting with me at deaths door to calm all of our minds. The struggle? Sex distraction and methemphetamines enticing engaging exhilerating wasteful hurtfull the cause of heartache of…[Read more]

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