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    make this feed twerk plz....

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    This one tho

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    Playing at Oakland secret tonight with some garbage bands: Denney Joints and Bird of Paradise; along with tropical pop groups from Hawaii (Drowning Dreamers and Montclaire). Aloha y'all

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    @jim I have an eats idea. How about dumplings? Garbage city dumps? I can bring dough and tools, all the other losers can bring rando stuff to fill them up. Oh and we need someone to offer up their kitchen irl.

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    What's something you waste and don't feel bad about? What's your dirty filthy secret?

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    Facebook is a cult. If you are a NPR cult member you should listen to this propaganda. And join Jim's cult.

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    I asked for a trim, the woke up missing my hair.

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    Political stuff! (Is this ok?)

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    Are you an artist? do you want to donate art to benefit the ghost ship aftermath? The Oakland Family Fund is hosting an art sale at The Starline Ballroom on Feb. 12th at 1 pm. You can contact me if you'd like to drop anything off.

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    Hey guys, I'd like to offer a guest spot to a Garbage City member for this show Sunday night. You will not see this offer on FB, my friends. If you'd like to come and not pay, email me at, or text me if you know my #, and tell me your favorite George Harrison song. Singer-songwriter show that I promise won't be boring. Katie Colver Ryan Parks Heather Jovanelli Graham Patzner Brian Belknap Me Plus poetry by two people I met at a writing thing last summer whose poems are really great. Jacques Rancort Austin Smith $10 Early show music at 7, ends at 9

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