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ūüöģ¬†Garbage City 0.3¬†ūüöģ

If you don’t like seeing seeing all the friendship bullshit in the feed,
change “Show: –Everything–” to “Show: Updates” or whathaveyou.

To post youtubes in you feed: copy the full url address (not mobile / shortened version) on a separate line.

iPhone/android people: you can turn Garbage City into a fake app on your home screen

Help $upport Garbage City.  If you do we can pay for the web host and make $ticker$ / Garbage City Ca$h.

Things on this page

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Profile pictures
Add profile info
Make a post
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Account sign up

Go here:


Profile picture

To add a profile picture:

  • Click on Profile in the top menuClick Change Profile Photo
    • Select File or drag and drop image into the drop zone

  • Hooray! Now click Change Cover Image to add a banner (otherwise it will Jim’s shirt)

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Edit profile

To edit your profile info (Ego Chamber)

  • Click¬†Ego Chamber in the top menu to enter your Profile
    • Click¬†Edit
    • Hey look! There are spaces for you to write about yourself!
    • And click on things about yourself!
    • Aren’t you the best!?

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To make a post

  • Click on¬†Activity¬†in the top menu
    • A box should appear under your profile image, saying “What’s new…?”
    • Type in the space, or add a photo, video link, or url using the buttons
      • (links to youtube, etc., will¬†appear as video player once they are posted)
    • You can mention a member by typing @[‘user name’]

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This site is very public. It may become less so in the future. (Help.)

The internet gods already know how much debt you have and¬†the¬†type of porn you watch, but most “hackers” have to do a bit more prying to see into your Socialego/iPhone/synapses.

Consider anything you do on this site to be accessible in the spacetimevault. Upon completion of the reversetranscryptospazeption security system all members will be alerted using the hyperpigeon protocol.

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Help us

Help us develop Garbage City by Brain on Emojipedia STORMING on this group page.

Additional questions, comments, concerns, existential crises, and marriage proposals (from Europe, preferably Espana) can be directed @management (@ garbage city {dot} space <Рemailz )

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