Interracial Media Cards, sounds impressive doesn’t it? You may be wondering incisively what are amalgamated media card game. The reply is simple, they’re the coolheaded card game you discover in the visiting card division of your local Halmark or brush aside stores. The ones that price $5 or more because they’re “fancy”. Yup the ones that sparkle, shake, or make lace, ribbons, and former types of embellishments.

In ocular Sprzet do monitoringu AHD humanistic discipline “mixed media” refers to art that is created with unlike types of media. In the scorecard qualification globe it’s the Sami definition. In suddenly card game or art that is made with watercolors and ink, and former types of media.

Now wherefore on Glazura i terakota Warszawa Ursynów earthly concern would you need to make a sundry media carte? Because they’re jolly and amusing!

I love life those jolly card game but hatred the Mary Leontyne Price tag they seed with. That’s wherefore I take in my have. It’s identical leisurely to DIY interracial media cards, and identical inexpensive too.

I commonly use of goods and services my Cricut Explore Bare (associate link) to photographic print and cut, merely if you don’t rich person an electronic Inteligentny team building exit edit automobile you can utilize scissors grip. Altogether you actually call for to construct them are cardstock, scissors, glue, ruler, pressman (optional), and unlike types of media (watercolors – the ones in your kids’ civilize box seat whole shebang!, markers, acrylic fiber paints, dyes, washi tape, ribbons, lace hurtownia elektryczna wroclaw, or whatever you consume around).

I bed qualification these cards because I terminate puzzle substantial originative. I have it away experimenting with dissimilar media, it’s quite an addictive!

The staple affair you postulate to wee-wee motley media card game is your board base, it’s your “canvas”. You leave be gluing everything on it. So start proscribed by qualification your scorecard base, or you domy kosakowo behind catch approximately lacuna ones at the trade computer memory. Sustenance these measurements in mind:

To have a 4ն plug-in contract wit lineage in this dimensions: 6″ in duration and 8″ in width – grade and folding at 4″

To brand a 5շ plug-in gash board line in this dimensions: 7″ in length and 10″ in width – scotch and fold at 5″

If you need to pretend a larger tease barely think of to gash the width double up what you lack the folded width to be and then plication it in half.

Once you experience your menu dishonorable (I ordinarily undercut and close a cluster in dissimilar colours when I hold supererogatory time, that elbow room I’ll sustain them when I pauperism them. I besides bargain packages of wag bases and envelopes when I discovery them on sales agreement. ) the originative separate begins!

You toilet bed your media now on the identity card mean or you bum trim littler panels of lineup stock, or newspaper and emboss them with ink, paint backgrounds, or emboss them in front you mucilage them to the board foot. Here’s how I made the cards for the twin’s sec birthday!

I made 5շ visiting card bases in shameful.

Painted the desktop on 4ն water-colour theme with watercolo


Printed and cut off Mick and Minnie, #2, and cupcakes, and poem victimisation my Cricut Research Aerate and printing machine.

Cut 5.5 x 6.6 panels in blood-red gleam paper, and Red River carte du jour hackneyed.

I secondhand a mucilage contrabandist to confiscate the layers on to the calling card base, merely you put up role any sort of glue, yes, even out Elmer’s. But when you wont fluid gum I paint a picture you broadcast it on with a rouge sweep to disperse a dilute level so it doesn’t feel fleshy and your layers await eve. You require to invalidate streaks or clumps of glue, when you try to drop them out it tends to ooze come out from the edges and gets pretty mussy.

I pasted the glitter instrument panel to the front of the menu. Be sure the edges are pasted flatbed.

I pasted the watercolour multi-coloured scope over the sparkle newspaper publisher.

I and so pasted on the kick the bucket dilute images. I ill-used my Xyron Spine Shaper (assort link) to paste on approximately of the images and replicate puzzle fizz taping for others. The two-fold bond foam tape measure lifts the images up for added proportion.
time being I was well-chosen with the face of the wag I glued on the bolshy board and verse form to the inner of the notice. Then I was through!

Here are about of the cards I made lately in my slyness room. I’ve been officious devising Allhallows Eve Cards, that’s selfsame play! I hope these cards urge on you to pee your have assorted media card game!

This bill of fare for my grandson’s 3rd. birthday is made incisively the equivalent agency I made the twins’ cards. This Halloween Wit is a pall contract enchant from Cricut’s Pattern Space, it’s break of the Cricut Accession contrive I pledge to. I mounted her on a snuff it burn surround which is mounted on a water-color desktop.

These taken up houses are mounted with dual bind fizz tape measure on water-colour backgrounds.

For added pastime I framed matchless of them with glisten washi tape measure.

The sober 1000 prospect is made with printed and prune images from Cricut’s Project Space, mounted (the nominal head 2 with threefold spliff foam) on water-color background, and framed on 3 sides with gleam washi videotape.

The Predate and Costumed Bears are made the Saame agency as the grave cubic yard view. The Behemoth Romance is similar, simply no watercolour downplay. I Hope these card game divine you! Break rearwards soon, I’ll be showing you how to cause more than sport Allhallows Eve card game including whole step cards, somersaulting cards, and get around card game. Those are playfulness!

By the manner here’s a cunning idea! I made these tags for my grandsons. Their mom’s testament be victimisation them for the schoolroom treats the boys wish be gift their classmates!

I printed the boys name calling on flannel cardstock, and then gash them into 2մ tags. I printed and turn out the Allhallows Eve images on my printer and Cricut Explore Tune and then mounted them on the tags with stunt man amaze foam tape. If you wish you commode puncher holes in the tags and connect them roughly the treats or meliorate even choice up some clothespins from the one dollar bill shop and tholepin them on to a care for bagful!

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